Jordan Birnbaum

A successful business developer and writer at heart, Jordan Birnbaum is preparing to launch a new program called The Secret Beatnik Party. The entertainment show, slated to begin later this year, is based on a political platform that is semi–farcical and of the grid. He has years of experience in business and in the multimedia field, which has helped him put together the new show. He is uniquely skilled as a comedy writer who will publish podcasts and take advantage of social media networking channels to support The Secret Beatnik Party program online. Following many years of working in the business sector under his belt, he possesses all of the skills and experience necessary to ensure the success of his new endeavor.


The Secret Beatnik Party

United States

Past Experience

In his first job after college he became a trader at the London based D. E. Shaw Securities, International. Jordan Birnbaum was the market maker for the Japanese issued equity warrants and the book that he successfully managed contained about 75 separate issues. His excellent performance was rewarded with a promotion and he co-managed the company's trading as it was taking place on Tokyo's Stock Exchange. After leaving the company, he was offered the position of Director of the Subscriber Acquisitions Department for Juno Online Services, Inc.

He managed to pull off a groundbreaking deal with Blockbuster Video and Blockbuster Music that allowed for in-store distribution. The result of that deal, which later became the industry standard, was an additional one million subscribers to Juno's services. He won a promotion to be Vice President of its Business Development, which he used to continue raising revenues through his own methods of non-traditional sales.

He was again promoted, this time to the position of Senior VP of the business development. Taking responsibility for the revenue operations for Juno, he managed the staff for the sales, sales support and advertising operations divisions and helped lead the company to a successful IPO. 

Multimedia Professional

In 2001 Jordan Birnbaum did a repeat performance when he entered the multimedia production business. He started out by investing in a startup multimedia company in the entertainment and music industry called Otopia Events, Inc. After signing a ten-year lease for property on Hollywood Blvd, the company was showing poor performance. He took it upon himself to move to LA and he took over management and operations. Through many obstacles and difficulties, he brought the business to a break-even point within two years.

Following some renovations, the studio was re-opened and called the Vanguard. Under Birnbaum, it became very successful and brought in revenue in excess of $40 million in a five year period. Vanguard not only enjoyed phenomenal success, it actually changed the LA electronic music scene and brought unprecedented talented musicians to the city on a weekly basis. He was subsequently elected to be an official for the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council, a Business Representative and a Corresponding Secretary.

Jordan Birnbaum studied Policy Analysis at Cornell University. As he works in the industry, he hopes to continue developing new multimedia content and begin studying for a degree in Organizational Psychology.


With vast experience from companies such as Juno and Vanguard, Jordan the right man for any kind of event at any necessary scale!